Eliminate Costly Hangar Rash
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Optex Redscan laser 
detectors provide wall-to-wall 
aircraft protection
Eliminate the likelihood of aircraft hangar rash and protect your hangar facilities with the affordable, reliable Optex Redscan laser detector warning system.
  • ​Ability to connect to existing security system
  • Easy customization to define detection and safe areas
  • Fast set-ups and excellent system control
  • Create an invisible barrier 8 feet away from walls while accommodating personnel access
  • Provide extra protection and safety to ground crews

​“The Optex Redscan laser-scan system is a cost-effective and powerful way to reduce the likelihood of damage to aircraft or facilities while allowing personnel to move freely throughout the hangar. The system enhances our reputation as a leader in the industry.?

- Adam Katz, founder, president, and CEO of Talon Air

For product and company information, visit us at www.optexamerica.com